Chinese Medical Physician

When I first considered becoming a Chinese medical physician, I had already been a licensed massage therapist for 32 years. I was, at this point quite good at helping people with the bodywork that I was doing, but I wanted to expand my skills and knowledge to be an even more effective healer.

I looked at chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, and Chinese medicine. I concluded that Chinese medicine, with its ancient and longstanding history of potent medicine along with its variety of modalities, was the most complete of the three and would provide me with the best medicine I could practice to help my patients.

With so much going on around the city, it’s important to take care of yourself with the care of a professional. I will love to help you rehab your body to a new level of happiness, less sore, less pain, higher performance, and an overall body that is in great health.

Call or email to make your appointment with me, George.